Static Load Creation Tutorial

Below are the steps for Static Load Creation task, where you will create a Force of amplitude -5.55. This load will be applied on certain nodes of Lower Control Panel as shown below.
Note: For the tutorial purpose, you are requested to create a ExcitationNodes node set with the following nodes. This node set will be used to define the Force load later in the section.
  • 493552
  • 493543
  • 493563
  • 493478
  • 493477
  • 493518
  • 493503
  • 493494
  • 493530

Figure 1.
  1. Select Force from Load Type drop down list.

    Figure 2.
  2. Enter -5.55 for the Amplitude value.

    Figure 3.
  3. Click Nodes
    A node collector will appear. Using the node selection by sets option, select the ExcitationNodes node set created earlier and click proceed.
  4. Click Add .
    This will create the Force load entries in the Loads Table.

    Figure 4.
  5. Check the box under X column.
  6. Click Next to proceed to Define Boundary Conditions Creation task.
    Once you clicks Next, SnRD will create the respective load collectors in the session and the same will be listed in the Model browser tab.