Apply Options with the Plot Options Tab

Use the Plot Options tab to apply plot entities to a curve.

  1. From the Plot Options tab > Category column, select a plot entity to apply to the curve.
    The Preference and Value fields list the properties and current values for the selected plot entity.
  2. From Plot Options tab, click Plot to apply the plot options to the curve and display it in the plot window.
  3. Click Reset to return all options to their default settings.
  4. To preview a curve with the options selected, click View from the dialog.
    Curves can be overlaid in a single window or each curve can be assigned to a new window. Individual curves are edited using the Define Curves panel.

    In addition to the standard set of import templates, an open interface for creating custom import filters is provided. Using import language and external readers, you can write import templates for almost any ASCII data file not directly supported in the program.

    When creating a curve using Build Plots dialog, the curve name is defined by a Templex expression instead of a fixed string as in previous versions of HyperGraph. The Templex expression is visible in editable fields only. In non-editable fields, the evaluated expression is displayed. In most cases, the evaluated expression should match the text that was hard-coded in previous versions. Please see Dynamic Curve Names for more important information on this topic.