DrawDirection (hwx.inspire.core)

Draw Directions Shape Control.

Draw directions are used to ensure that a design space can be physically manufactured using a specific process such as casting, stamping, or extrusion. Draw directions are a type of shape control.

If you intend for a part to be manufactured by casting it or stamping it, the optimized shape must allow the two halves of the mold or the stamping dies to separate after the part is formed. Negative draft angles must be avoided. You can generate shapes that can be molded or stamped by indicating a draw direction, which is the plane where the two halves of the mold are pulled apart.

Only one type of draw direction can be applied to a design space. Draw directions are valid for optimization but not analysis.


active: Bool activePlane: Int color: Color
connectionRadius: Double connectionType: Enum direction: Direction
distributed: Bool features: Attribute localToPart: Bool
location: Location mode: Enum name: Attribute
part: Attribute parts: Attribute type: Enum
visible: Bool  

Attribute Details

active : Bool

Returns or sets the object activeness.

Setting this on or off sets all children. Setting to True sets all the parents active too.

activePlane : Int

Sets/Gets the active plane number. Allowed numbers are:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

color : Color

The color assigned to the Boundary Condition.

connectionRadius : Double (units=”length”)

The search radius for the Boundary Condition.

connectionType : Enum (rigid, flexible)

The type of the connection. Valid choices are:

  • rigid
  • flexible

direction : Direction

Returns the direction vector of the entity.

distributed : Bool

Returns whether the applied boundary condition is distributed or not.

Boundary conditions applied across the entire feature area (for faces) or length (for edges) are distributed and at a single point boundary conditions are non-distributed.

features : Attribute

Returns a list of features the entity is applied to.

localToPart : Bool

Returns or sets ‘Rotate with part’.

It makes boundary condition not to rotate or rotate along with its associated part.

location : Location (units=”length”)

Returns the location of the entity.

mode : Enum (direction, components)

Specifies the mode of the boundary condition.

Valid choices are:

  • direction
  • components

name : Attribute

Returns or sets the name of the object.

It can be any text string, including spaces, although it’s best to avoid using the following characters: ” ‘ * ? and $.

While these characters are allowed, they could create difficulties when you export the model to other applications.

part : Attribute

Returns the part on which the entity is applied graphically.

parts : Attribute

Returns a list of parts on which the entity is applied on.

type : Enum (Single, Split, Radial, Stamping, Extrude, Overhang)

Sets/Gets the draw direction type.

visible : Bool

Determines whether the Boundary Condition is visible or not.