LS-DYNA Interface 2022.1 Release Notes

Altair HyperMesh

New Features

New LS-DYNA R13.0 Profile
The new LS-DYNA profile is introduced to support the new solver version R13.0.
New Systems Workflow
The new Systems workflow provides a interactive and efficient user experience for the creation of coordinate systems.

Figure 1.
Import of Compressed Input Decks
It is now possible to directly import a compressed input deck.

Only the format .gz is supported.

New Material Behaviors Entity
The new Material Behaviors entity is used for the definition of *MAT_ADD keywords, previously mapped to the Property entity.
The Material Behaviors are also directly referenced into all *MAT keywords.

Figure 2.
New Constraints Entity
The new Constraints entity is used for the definition of *CONSTRAINED_INTERPOLATION_SPOTWELD keyword.

Figure 3.


Solver Profiles Cleanup
The LS-DYNA profiles R6.1 and R7.1 are no longer exposed.
Panels and Panel Functionality Removal in HyperWorks
Panels or panel functionalities for which an equivalent tool or workflow exists in other areas of the product (example: Browsers, Graphical entity selection, ...) are removed from HyperWorks only.
New Calculation methods for 2D minimal mesh size criteria
The minimal size calculation is enhanced by the addition of the LS-DYNA specific methods ISDO=1 and ISDO=2.

Figure 4.
New Supported Keywords
*MAT_010_STOCHASTIC, *MAT_035, *MAT_187L, *MAT_199, *MAT_249_CRASH, *MAT_263, *MAT_295, *MAT_326
Updated Keywords
*MAT_SHAPE_MEMORY, *MAT_015, *MAT_064, *MAT_068, *MAT_100, *MAT_119, *MAT_123, *MAT_124, *MAT_138, *MAT_153, *MAT_208, *MAT_224_GYS, *MAT_226, *MAT_240, *MAT_242, *MAT_249, *MAT_280


Model Checker
Check added to report a warning when a *CONSTRAINED_NODAL_RIGID_BODY is defined with a massless independent node.

Resolved Issues

  • *DEFINE_TRANSFORMATION applied on multiple nested *INCLUDE_TRANSFORM are now correctly calculated.
  • *SET_NODE and *CONSTRAINED_NODAL_RIGID_BODIES are now maintained in respective include on export.
  • Keywords titles containing special characters like "," are now fully read.
  • HM_TAGS defined in input decks are now read correctly.
  • Correction in finding unused Systems.
  • Correction in reading *DEFINE_CURVE when DATTYP attribute is blank.

Altair HyperView


Reader Enhancements
  • Support of NVH / Frequency output files (D3PSD, D3RMS, D3FTG, D3SSD).
  • Plotting of Strain Energy Density is enabled.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue when selecting a LS-Dyna model file containing *NODE_TRANSFORM as Model in is fixed.

Altair HyperGraph

Post-processing Enhancements

  • Support for NVH/Frequency output files (frf_amplitude, frf_angle).

Resolved Issues

  • Plotting elout history curves from a previously saved session file works.