PAM-CRASH 2G Interface 2022.1 Release Notes

Altair HyperMesh

New Features

New Comments Entity
Keyword CDATA is supported as new Comments entity type and moved out from the Property entity type.
New Keywords
NVHFILES (Implicit)
GAP (Implicit)


ID and Reference Parameterization
Extended support of keyword ID parameterization and parameterization of ID references in other keywords of PAM-CRASH like CNTAC, MASS, MATER, MMAT, MPART, PART, NSMAS, RETRA, SELOUT, SLIPR, TIED, THNOD, THLOC, THNPO.
Metric Reference Geometry Include
METRIC Reference Geometry data in an external file is listed as a separate include file of type Metric.
Updated Keywords

Resolved Issues

  • Missing fields parameterization support in the keywords PART, AIRBAGCHECK, CKCTRL, CCTRL.
  • Rigid (RBODY, MTOCO, LINCO, NODCO, OTMCO) entities organized in respective includes upon import.
  • Evaluation of Transformation is based on TRANSd value, in the direction of IDNODT1 and IDNODT2.
  • Resolved import issues related to Include File path when nested or multi-level folders exist
  • Resolved data import issues with THIN_WALL in 2012 -2016 profiles, MATYP 371 in 2016-2019 profiles, and SENPT or SENPTG IDs conflicting with SHELL or SOLID.
  • Modular keywords (NUMPAR, MMAT) Type is listing in TOC - Entity View browser.