OptiStruct Interface 2022.1 Release Notes

Altair HyperMesh

New Features

Automatic method to define a free convection setup
  • New bulk cards CONVG and CNVGADD added to define free convection and combined free convection, respectively.
  • Subcase dependent free convection are defined with CONVG subcase selection cards.
  • Free convection definition can be created from Solver Browser.
CAFLUID-based flow heat transfer
  • New element CAFLUID added as 1D element entity in Rod config.
  • New property PAFLUID to define 1D CAFLUID heat flow element.
  • CACONV bulk card added to group entity to define interface for forced convection heat transfer using CAFLUID.
Adaptive Perfectly Matched Layer(APML) for exterior acoustics
  • New element types CACPML3 and CACPML4 to define APML element with triangular and quadrilateral base, respectively.
  • PACPML to define properties for APML elements.
Pressure penetration load to simulate fluid penetrating through the surfaces on a contact interface
  • New bulk card PRSPENE to define pressure penetration load.
  • PRSPENE loads can created from Solver Browser.
  • OptiStruct specific PRSPENE checks are added in model checker.
Shell to Solid connection
  • RSSCON1 bulk card added to define connection between shell and solid elements.
  • RSSCON1 is mapped to group entity.
SENSOR input to activate loads
  • New bulk cards SENSOR to define sensor input.
  • SENSRAD bulk card to defined union of several sensor inputs.
  • Subcase references of SENSOR and SENSRAD are defined through SENSOR in subcase information entry.
Modal damping as a tabular function of mode index
  • New bulk card TABDMP2 to define modal damping as a tabular function.
  • TABDMP2 card is mapped to curve entity.
MEFFMASS output in HyperMesh set based format
MEFFSET bulk card to group element sets to output MEFFMASS output in set based format.
Fatigue process manager template
  • Option to write all fatigue cards into an include file.
  • Seam and Spot weld options are now enabled for EN fatigue method.
  • FKM2 option for Seam and Spot weld.
Import option to handle preserved nodes

Figure 1.
Section Property tool for VABS
  • Generates VABS *dat file from intersection of plane with Shell composites.
  • Updates 1D beam with PBEAML property using VABS *.dat file.
  • Limited to OptiStruct interface.

Figure 2.
1D meshing consolidation
Consolidated 1D beam tools and Marine Stiffener meshing.
Beam → Solid
New tool to create Solids from 1D beam with standard beamsection.

Figure 3.


  • Pre-tension manager now allows CBUSH elements to define preload.
  • JOINTG element enhanced to support newly added combination joints in OptiStruct.
  • JOINTG element enhanced to grounded Joint input.
  • MATFAT bulk card enhanced to include SNTBL continuation line for xy format inputs.
  • Mechanism browser enhanced to include Set as an input in addition to component input.
  • Multiple input selection for combined loads, for example: LOADADD, SPCADD, PTADD, and so on.
  • PCONT bulk card enhanced to input Main/Secondary surface for Auto contact in OptiStruct Explicit analysis.
  • SUPORT1 bulk card enhanced to input grid set.
  • Free format (comma separated) export for individual include file export.
  • MODCHG bulk card enhanced to input TIE contacts.
  • Non-Linear transient analysis type enhanced to input CNTSTB, MOTNJG and LOADJG subcase selection inputs.
  • PCONT bulk card enhanced to reference CLRNC bulk card.
  • LOADJG subcase selection input for Linear static analysis.
  • 3D visualization of taper beams
    • Limited to standard sections

      Figure 4.
  • Beam → Surfaces
    • Create properties or nodal thickness on shell mesh created.

      Figure 5.
    • Support for shell beamsections.

      Figure 6.
  • Section Property tool for Elastic and Shells
    • Section property now uses Elastic section config instead of Generic sections.
    • The tool can also generates shell beamsection with auto welds.

Resolved Issues

  • Bead fraction response type selection as design constraint.
  • Cannot change local coordinate system for pattern repetition in DTPL card.
  • FE import reader crash caused by formatting of $HMNAME.
  • Move TIE bulk card from Explicit analysis to Contact folder in Solver Browser.
  • Application error while editing elements.
  • Incorrect ply thickness update in Matrix Browser for PCOMPG.
  • MAT9OR card name is now consistent with OptiStruct documentation.
  • Incorrect import of CBEAM elements.