Layer Book

Use the Layer Book tool to contour required results, select layers and load cases, and choose an export option.

Layer Selection

Select which layer you want to extract information from.

Select Load Cases

Select from the list of available load cases.

Select Export Option

Specify an export option from the drop-down menu.
Export to New Word
Select the combination from the graphical user interface and a new Word Document will be generated with a new chapter for each load case, each one having as many sub-chapters as the number of selected layers.
For example, the following combination (2 layers – 2 load cases) will generate a document with two chapters and two sub-chapters:

Figure 1.

Figure 2.
Note: Available for Windows systems only.
Export Using Existing Word
This approach is similar to the previous one, however you will be asked, after the selection, to point to an existing document or template. The organization of the chapters is the same as the previous use case, however the headings will be taken from the document set up.
For example, the following option selections:

Figure 3.

Figure 4.
Results in:

Figure 5.
Note: Available for Windows systems only.
Export Pictures
After selection of the configuration, you will use these functions to input a destination directory in which the tool will create a sub-folder for each load case. In each folder a .png file will be stored for each selected layer.
See the example below:

Figure 6.

Figure 7.

Figure 8.
Note: Available for Windows and Linux.