CFAST Validation

Check CFAST (type ELEM) validity.

Restriction: Only available in the Nastran solver.

From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Check > CFAST Validation.

As mesh independent connections, CFAST elements can be defined using type ELEM to link two specific shell IDs. These latter references need to be checked to consider possible ID mismatch, due to changes in the solver deck file ASCII, or because of mesh modification/misalignment. Connector technology is used to verify and correct issues found within the given tolerance.

Once you have selected the element of interest with the given tolerance, the tool will check and report the status of the processed CFAST elements in a dedicated user interface where additional information about the CFAST definition and the reason for the failure are given.

Right-clicking on selected items opens the context menu with the following options:
  • Isolate the entities
  • Highlight the entities
  • Perform a cross-reference (Xref)
  • Correct
  • Create a set
  • Clear the highlight mode

The Correction action updates the user interface and relevant information as per the performed action.