Model Reduction

Checks for model reduction workflow (static/dynamic condensation).

Restriction: Only available in the Nastran solver.

From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Check > Model Reduction.

For the generation of super element formulation, the nodes that are meant to be condensed should not be referenced by any other FE definition in the residual stricture, otherwise this would lead to either failure or result inconsistency.

Check Description

Table 1. Warnings
Name Description Result Auto correction action Investigate action
1D Elements with Nodal Orientation Checks for 1D element whose orientation is defined by reference GRID (G0) Lists the failing elements The element's orientation is converted to vector-based definition Not supported
GRIDs with Permanent SPC Checks for nodes with assigned intrinsic constraint Lists the failing nodes Permanent constraint is removed from the GRID card and SPC cards are generated in “LoadCol_PermanentSPC” collector Not supported
CORD1 Systems Checks for nodal based defined systems (CORD1*) Lists the CORD1* CIDs CORD1* systems are converted into CORD2* Not supported