Loading Nastran Models and Results in HyperView

Animation files are loaded using the Load Model panel.

By default, model and results files are loaded from the same file. However, you can load model and results from different files (file.dat and file.op2) or load only a model or only results by using the Load model and Load results check boxes. If you load a result file other than the one initially selected, it does not affect the currently displayed model file. Upon loading, model content and results tables are created for post-processing.

You can load one or more models and their associated results into one window by activating the Overlay check box. The last model you load automatically becomes the current model. To make a previous model the current one, you must manually set it as your current model. To do this, select Set Current Model from the Graphics menu and pick the desired model from the list. You can also delete the current model by selecting Delete Current Model from the Graphics menu.