Nastran Model Input Reader

Figure 1.

Supported Options

By HM Comments
When this import option is selected, HyperView will:
  • Create a component based on the HMCOMP NAME card
  • Move elements into component based on the HMMOVE card
When HMCOMP NAME does not exist in the imported deck, and there is a three to one ratio (or less) between elements and properties (2D and 3D properties), HyperView will create one component and move all the elements into this one component. When the ratio is bigger than three, HyperView will create a component for every property, move all the elements that have a property into the associated component, and create one component for all elements that do not have a property.
Read ANSA and PATRAN Comments
ANSA and PATRAN comments are supported during import.
Use New Element Pooling Scheme
Use this option to retain IDs from the model file while reading the model input as the solver file, which contain elements sharing the same ID space (for example: CQUAD elements sharing the same ID as RBE2/RBE3/RJOINT, etc.).