Block Format Keyword Allows to read an initial state (blocks /INISHE, /INISH3, and /INIBRI) by specifying the name of a stress file possibly compressed using GZIP.


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Field Contents SI Unit Example
Izip Define if the file is compressed flag.
= 0
File is non-compressed.
= 1
File is gzipped.

(Integer, maximum 10 digits)

Stress_File_Name Full name of the stress file, including suffix .str and the possible suffix .gz.  


  1. A stress file must only contain blocks /INISHE, /INISH3 and /INIBRI.
  2. For defining an initial state, it is possible to use a state file (.sta), which can directly contain options /INISHE, /INISH3 and /INIBRI or the .sta file can contain this option /STATE/STR_FILE. In this case, options /INISHE, /INISH3 and /INIBRI will belong to the referenced stress file.
  3. Using a compressed stress file will save disk space.