Geometry reconstruction

What can be done

The device reconstruction permits to display two independent windows that contain:

  • the view of the modeled device
  • the view of the complete device (taking into consideration the symmetries/periodicities described by the user)

When to use it?

This mode of double view can be activated:

  • at the construction of the project: it permits rapid and full visualization of the geometry of the device
  • at the post processing of the results: it permits to display the results (isovalues, isolines, arrows…) on the full device

Display the full device

To display the view of the full device or to come back to the mode one view (Modeled device):

  • in the menu View, click on Full device

or click on the icon

It is possible to display only the view of the full device and to hide the view of the modeled device by using the arrows on the separation bar of the 2 views.


To print one of the two views:

  • click on the desired view

→ a green frame appears on the activated view

then print


The view of the full device has certain restrictions:

  • no reconstruction of the full device if the symmetries/periodicities, « physical aspect » field have not been defined
  • no possibility of making a selection on this view (using the view of the device model to operate a command selection)
  • the supports are not reconstructed (path; 2D grid …)

all the quantities can not be reconstructed (see the block below)

Reconstructed quantities

Here is the list of the reconstructed quantities:

Application Reconstructed quantities
Magnetic Magnetic vector potential: An
Variable/EquiFlux: rAn
Magnetic Field:
Magnetic flux density:
Current density:
Electric Scalar electric potential: V
Electric field:
Electric field density:
Current density:
Thermal Temperature (Kelvin): TKelvin
Temperature (Celsius): TCelsius