Post processing on a step (Selector of scenario / Selector of step)


To carry out the results post-processing on a computation step, the user can select a scenario and/or a solving step. Then the user carry out the results post-processing on this step as in the case of a mono-step solving process.

Select a solving scenario / a computation step

To select a solving scenario and/or a computation step, follow instructions below:

Step Action  
1 Click on the button Select the step in the box located in bottom of the screen on the left

In the dialog box Select step and scenario:

  • select a solving scenario
  • select a computation step

Scenario states

States of a solving scenario can be as follows:

  • unprocessed (not processed yet)
  • partly processed (some steps are processed and some not)
  • fully processed (all the steps are processed)

Computation step states

States of a computation step are presented in the table below.

State Example Post-processing
unprocessed solving process non-achieved or achieved with user stop at the end of a step / adding a step to the scenario no
processed incorrectly solved

problem of convergence

user stop at the end of an iteration


error in modeling

correctly solved   yes