Geomechanics Director

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A Packaged Solution Offering (PSO) that provides a flexible and customizable platform for building and analyzing geomechanical and similar geoscience models. Numerical simulation in geoscience has a long and successful history. The last decade in particular has seen almost universal application of numerical simulation (esp. Finite Element Analysis - FEA) in subsurface disciplines such as geomechanics and coupled flow simulation. Over this period, many numerical simulation techniques have been applied to geoscience and almost as many ways to build a geo-scientific model developed. Altair Geomechanics Director has evolved from a geomechanics specific tool to one that provides a wide-ranging unified construction and analysis environment for almost any geo-scientific numerical simulation.

Unfortunately, model construction and interpretation remain two most user time consuming activities which impose time and cost constraints that limit the situations where a subsurface numerical analysis is viable. The Altair Geomechanics Director has been explicitly designed to address the pain points within a numerical analysis based subsurface project. Geomechanics Director (GeoD) streamlines the two most user intensive aspects - building and analysing – of deploying an earth model based surface simulation. By streamlining the building and analysis/reporting activities, GeoD allows you to produce improved numerical results in a shorter time frame and with more complete analysis of the simulation results.

Altair's Geomechanics Director (GeoD) is embedded into HyperWorks pre and post processing technology. The solution simplifies the numerical modelling and result interpretation process for the geoscience community. GeoD has two modules: GeoD-Pre for model construction and GeoD-Post for analysis and reporting. GeoD-Pre increases the efficiency and accelerates the construction of subsurface domains such as Mechanical Earth Model (MEM), Basin Models (BM) and Reservoir Simulations (RS) thereby allowing analysts to invest their time in interpreting and decision- making in GeoD-Post, rather than the time-consuming model building and result manipulation processes.

GeoD provides a series of utilities to perform subsurface model build & analysis operations with reduced manual intervention. To ease the usage of the tool, the Geomechanics Director (GeoD) is divided into two modules:
  1. Pre-Processing- facilitates the model input geometry clean-up, preparation of solid mesh, loadcase setup and solver operations;
  2. Post-Processing- enables interpretation and analysis the results obtained after solving models, exported from GeoD-Pre or any compatible solver.

The following sections describe the features, options and usage present of GeoD.

Minimum Software Requirements

Software Minimum Version
Operating Systems All Windows and Linux versions supported by HyperWorks
HyperWorks HyperWorks 2022 (download).