Aircraft Transformation

Apply a full transformation (translation and rotation) to the element, node, component and system entities.

  1. From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Assembly > Aircraft Transformation Tool.
  2. Select a method to input the transformation matrix.
    • By config file: Import a CSV, structured like the example shown below.

      Figure 1.
      Note: Once the file has been loaded, you can set up reference and destination points.
    • By direct input: Directly input the transformation matrix in the fields.
    • By system: Select the reference and destination system from those available in the HyperMesh database. The transformation matrix that is found will be stored as a .csv file.
    • By three nodes: Three nodes as reference and three nodes as destination are used for the transformation. You can also save the transformation matrix as a .csv file.
      Note: When the entity Component is selected you can transform the associated systems that were found.
  3. Click Create.