Synchronize Changes

Synchronize the exported report with new changes in the Report structure or content.

The Synchronize feature in HyperWorks Report allows you to easily update a report, where changes can be located throughout the entire document.

The Synchronize Report option updates the content of an already exported Report with updated content from the Report structure inside HyperWorks. In Presentation reports, it can update the content on slide or module basis whereas in Document reports, it can update the content on individual objects or modules basis. Synchronize action is available only after you export one copy of the report from the loaded report structure.

Right click at the Report level or Report item level and click Sync.


From the Report ribbon, Define tool group, click Synchronize Report.
Figure 1.
Restriction: When a new excel file path specified and synced on Linux, the file path of the excel item cannot be synchronized with report output.