Table Browser

From TableView, use the Table Browser to view the current session and all pages and windows it contains in a hierarchical display.

To open the Table Browser, click View > Table Browser from the menu bar.

When an entity is selected from the browser tree, its properties and values are displayed in the Entity Editor.

The fields displayed in the Entity Editor are dependent on whether the Page or Window entity type is selected from the Table Browser tree.

Right-click within the Table Browser or on an entity type to display context menu options.

Options are grouped into three categories: Standard, Display, and Basic.


Displays the page title.
Page Layout
Indicates the current page layout. To change the page layout from the browser, click the icon to display the page layout options and make your selection.
Font Settings
Click this field to display the Font Selector dialog. From there, you can change the font type, style, and size.
Publish Page/Page Title
Publish the current page's content.
Select to publish the page title.
Displays the current client type.
Publish Window
Publish the current window's content.

See Session Navigation and Browsers for more information.