.bdst file

The .bdst file is an OptiStruct ASCII format results file.

File Creation

This file is created in a static analysis run when the BORE Bulk Data Entry(s) are present in the model. The .bdst file contains Bore Deformation results at various Bore Depths (Z-Depth). These results are defined at all the Orders up to the order defined on the ORDER field on the BORE Bulk Data Entry.

File Contents

Result Description
Bore Deformation Bore Deformation output from Static Analysis.

Output is controlled by the BORE Bulk Data Entry.

File Format

The .bdst file has the following format:
For each Bore (BORE entry), the following header is used:
  Z-depth order# i  
Bore depth at the Layer under consideration.
Order# i
The Fourier Series Order up to the ORDER defined on the BORE entry.


  1. This file is only output when the BORE entry is present in the input deck.