.cpr file

The .cpr file is an OptiStruct ASCII format results file.

File Creation

This file is created when CONTPRM,PREPRT,YES is specified in an input file which contains contact.

File Contents

This file contains a summary of initial conditions of contact interfaces. The information is printed as a separate table for each contact interface in the model. Currently, .cpr file output is supported for any model with contact.

File Format

The following table format is used to print the initial contact summary information.

Figure 1.
Type Name Content
NA Contact Interface (N2S/S2S) Lists the ID and name of the Contact Interface
NA Secondary SURF/SET Lists the ID and name of the Secondary in the Contact Interface
NA Main SURF/SET Lists the ID and name of the Main in the Contact Interface
(I) - Integer CONTID Contact interface ID
(I) – Integer SLVGID Core secondary grid ID of the gap
(I) – Integer NCMSTG Number of connected main grids of the gap
(I) – Integer NCSLVG Number of connected secondary grids beside the core secondary grid of the gap (only for S2S contact)
(C) - Characters STATUS Gap status (OPEN/CLOSED/FROZEN)
(R) - Real Number OPENING Gap opening (negative value means penetration)
(R) – Real Number RAWGAP Raw gap opening based on mesh coordinates (adjusted mesh coordinates with N2S ADJUST)
(R) – Real Number PADDING Gap padding due to GPAD, S2S ADJUST, CLEARANCE, etc.
(R) – Real Number SAREA Nodal contact area on the core secondary grid (only for S2S contact)