Post Processing

Explore SnRD Post Processing User Interface.

  1. Launch HyperWorks, switch to HyperView client.

  2. Select File > Load > Preferences File. The Preferences window will appear.
  3. Select Squeak & Rattle and click Load.

    This creates SnRD menu in the HyperView window.

  4. Select SnRD > SnRD-Post.
    SnRD Post Processing tool is launched.
    Figure 1.
    Using the SnRD Post, you can perform following operations-
    • Load files and Post Process results.
    • Perform Sensitivity Analysis to understand and evaluate modal sensitivity.
    • Study Squeak and Rattle effects under Combined Loadings.
    • Setup Optimization solver decks after evaluating modal sensitivity and elimination methods.
    • Study and analyze Stochastics and Design of Experiment runs.