Combined Loadings

Study the squeak and rattle issues under combined loading conditions.

Using the Combined Loadings task panel, you can review and analyze the effects of Dynamic and Static loads on the gap and relative displacement.
Note: Combined Loadings activates only when dynamic and static loadcases are identified in the imported model file.
  1. Select Combined Loadings tab in the tool.
    The Combined Loadings tab opens.
  2. Select a loadstep from Loading type 1 list.
  3. Select a static loadstep from Loading type 2 list.
  4. Enter Scale factor values.
  5. Optional: Enable the Affects gap checkbox.
  6. Select the required E-Line or All from E-Line(s) Selection list.
  7. Select required analysis type from Session Type.
  8. Click Combine Results.
    This evaluates the combined effect of the selected loadsteps on the E-Lines and plots all the required results, relative displacement and histograms.