Global Model Summary

The global model summary module generates five table outputs. Module covers entity information, units used, mass, COG and MOI information of the model.

  1. Right-click at the report or chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Global Model Summary.
  2. Enter a name for the global model summary.
  3. Make your selections.
    1. Model High Level Entity Count: Table for entity count in the model.
    2. Model Units: Table for units of length, force, mass and time.
    3. Model Mass Info: Table for values of total mass, total structural mass and total non-structural mass.
    4. Model MOI Using COG as Centre: Table of the entire model MOI using COG as the center for IXX, IYY, IZZ, IXY, IYZ, IXZ.
    5. Model COG Info: Table for center of gravity of the model.
    6. Numeric Format: Fixed or Scientific.
    7. Decimal: Precision value for the scientific format.
      Once executed, a table output for global model summary is generated.