rod (spot tie)

Restriction: Only available in Abaqus.

Creates rod (CONM3D2) elements between shell and/or solid elements in order to connect them using a tie contact definition. The rod element nodes will project and touch the shell and/or solid element faces. During the realization, a default tie contact and referencing main and secondary surfaces are created; unless defined differently, each rod is assigned a property, which references a default material (CONNECTOR BEHAVIOR) and an individual coordinate system. By default, the property is directly assigned to the element so that all rods can be hosted in one component.

The default tie contact and material parameters can be changed in the files below this path: ..\Altair\2022.2\hwdesktop\hm\scripts\connectors\Rod_Tie\abaqus\.
Note: IDs, names, and card type cannot be changed.

Figure 1.