Assign mesh lines to lines

Assign a mesh line

To assign a mesh line to lines:

Step Action
1 Activate the Assign mesh line command (see next block)
An assignment box is open.

Fill out the assignment box:

  • choose a mesh line in the list of mesh lines
  • click on OK
The mesh line is assigned to the lines.
An assignment box is open.

Go on assignment:

  • go to step 2

Quit the assignment sequence:

  • click on Cancel

Activate the command

To activate the Assign mesh line command, which requires data selection , choose one of the methods presented in the figure below:

Note: To open a contextual menu, use the right button of the mouse. For multiple selections, keep the Ctrl key pressed.


After a mesh line assignment to the line, the Mesh tab of the line dialog box is updated.

This is presented in the example below (the POLE mesh line is assigned to the line n°46).