Mesh point: about


A mesh point is a quantity, which, once assigned to a point, defines the distance between this point and the closer nodes in all directions.

A mesh point sets the density of nodes around the point.

Aided mesh

Within the framework of global adjustment administration via aided mesh:

  • a mesh point of the AIDED type is created and assigned, by default in Flux, to all the free points
  • the value and the type (dynamic or absolute) of this mesh point can only be modified via aided mesh

Predefined mesh points

When the user starts a new project, he has three predefined mesh points:


Their values are computed by Flux according to dimensions of the geometry of the device. The length unit is the millimeter .

Local setting

The local adjustment process includes two phases:

  • Creation of mesh points
  • Assignment of mesh points to points

Parameter setting

Mesh points allow the mesh parameter setting .

When the mesh parameter setting is associated with the geometry parameter setting (use of geometric parameters to define the mesh points), then the distances between nodes can vary along with the distances between points.