Relaxation: definition (structure)


The entities Line Relaxation, Face Relaxation and Volume Relaxation are defined by:

  • a name (and a comment)
  • a color
  • a value


The name identifying the relaxation is given by the user when it is created.

A comment (optional) can be added to the name.


The value of the coefficient of relaxation is given by the user. The table below describes the coefficient of relaxation:

Value Coefficient
Null * r = 0
Low r = 0.25
Medium r = 0.50
High r = 0.75
User 0 < r < 1
Inactive ** -

* The null relaxation imposes a uniform mesh on the entire geometric entity, considering as mesh density the smallest weights constituting its side.

** The inactivated relaxation permits to suppress the action of relaxation (equivalent to the empty field) over an entity during a local adjustment. The mesh is imposed by the weights of the entity sides (the points for a line).