DD Card

Domain decomposition can be used to store parts of a method of moments solution in a file to be reused in future simulations. The stored part must remain static but the rest of the model can change.

On the Solve/Run tab, in the Solution settings group, click the  Domains (DD) icon.

Figure 1. The DD - Domain decomposition dialog.


No data files (normal execution)
When this option is selected, no data files are read or saved to a .ngf file.
Save *.ngf file
The results are saved to a .ngf file.
Read the *.ngf file
The results are read from a .ngf file.
Read *.ngf file if it exists, else create it
The .ngf file is read if it exists, else a .ngf file is created containing the results.
Number of element labels
The number of element labels to be included in the fixed static part.
Labels of the elements
The labels of the elements which are to be defined as the fixed static part in the model.
Note: Only a single DD card is permitted in a model.