WR Card

The WR card is used to define a dielectric windscreen reference plane. Geometrically this surface is not part of the electromagnetic model and is used simply to determine the curvature factor between the two elements on the windscreen.

On the Solve/Run tab, in the Windscreen group, click the  Windscreen reference (WR) icon.

Figure 1. The WR - Define windscreen reference dialog.
Note: The WR, WA and WD cards should be used together to create windscreen antenna models. These three cards respectively define the windscreen reference surface, the windscreen solution elements (antenna) and the windscreen layered media definition.


Windscreen name
The name of the windscreen.
Use as reference all surfaces with label
The start of the label range.
(optionally) up to label
[Optional] The end of the label range.
Note: The windscreen reference triangles are defined by label and since this plane also forms the zero reference with respect to the defined windscreen antenna elements and glass layers, they should all have their normals pointing in the same direction.