LA Card

With this card, labels are assigned to segments, triangles, polygonal plates, cuboids, uniform theory of diffraction cylinders and points.

On the Home tab, in the Define group, click the  Label (LA) icon.

Figure 1. The LA - Assign labels dialog.


Label for following geometry
The label assigned to all geometry, for example, segments, triangles and tetrahedra defined in cards following this card.
In order to select the position of the feed (Ax cards)1, the location of impedance loading (LD, LS, LP and LZ cards) or structures on which to apply the skin effect (SK cards), each segment, triangle, and so forth is assigned a label. Other applications include the selective transformation or copying of parts of geometry (TG card), and the output of currents on selected elements (OS card). Labels are also used to define triangles on which to apply physical optics (PO card).

All elements created after the LA card (by for example the BP card), are assigned the value or string specified label of the dialog. A different label is only assigned by a new LA card. All structures created before the first LA card (or if no LA card is present), is assigned the default label which is 0 (number zero).

Label names can be an arbitrary string using the characters A-Z, the digits 0-9 or also the underscore _. Labels may be manipulated using label increments and referenced using label ranges.

1 The definition Ax stands for any of the control cards, such as A0, A1, A2 and so forth.