Bulk Data Entry Specifies frequency-dependent material properties on MAT9 entry fields via TABLEDi entries.


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
MATF9 MID T(G11) T(G12) T(G13) T(G14) T(G15) T(G16) T(G22)  
  T(G23) T(G24) T(G25) T(G26) T(G33) T(G34) T(G35) T(G36)  
  T(G44) T(G45) T(G46) T(G55) T(G56) T(G66) T(RHO) T(A1)  
  T(A2) T(A3) T(A4) T(A5) T(A6)   T(GE)    


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
MATF9 17 32     18     17  
        12     5    


Field Contents SI Unit Example
MID Material property identification number that matches the identification number on the MAT9 entry.

(Integer > 0)

T(Gij) A TABLEDi entry identification number for the terms in the material property matrix.

(Integer ≥ 0 or blank)

T(RHO) A TABLEDi entry identification number for the mass density.

(Integer ≥ 0 or blank)

T(Ai) A TABLEDi entry identification number for the thermal expansion coefficient.

(Integer or blank)

T(GE) A TABLEDi entry identification number for the damping coefficient.

(Integer ≥ 0 or blank)



  1. Fields 3, 4, and so on of this entry correspond, field-by-field, to fields 3, 4, and so on of the MAT9 entry referenced in field 2. The value recorded in a particular field of the MAT9 entry is replaced or modified by the table referenced in the corresponding field of this entry. In the example shown, G11 is modified by TABLEDj 32; G14 is modified by TABLEDj 18; G22 is modified by TABLEDi 17; G26 is modified by TABLEDi 12; RHO is modified by TABLEDi 5 and GE is modified by TABLEDi 10.
  2. If the fields are zero or blank, there is no frequency dependence of the field on the MAT9 entry. The MATF9 entries may refer to blank entries on the respective MAT9 card. In which case, they will be applied to default values of respective parameters.
  3. The continuation entries are optional.
  4. In Modal Frequency Response Analysis, the frequency-dependency is only used in the frequency response part of the solution, not in the modal analysis part of the solution.
  5. This card is represented as a material in HyperMesh.