Bulk Data Entry Defines temperature at grid points or a SET of grid points for determination of thermal loading and stress recovery.


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T G T G T    


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
TEMP 3 94 316.2 49 219.8        


Field Contents SI Unit Example
SID LOAD set identification

(Integer > 0)

G/GSETID This field represents a grid point identification number, or if the GSET continuation line is specified, an identification number of a SET of grid points.

(Integer > 0)

T Temperature


GSET Flag which indicates that the G/GSETID field is identified as a SET of grid points, at which the temperatures are applied.  


  1. Temperature sets may be selected for use in a subcase by the TEMPERATURE(LOAD) or TEMPERATURE(BOTH) Subcase Information Entry. They can also be selected by the EXCITEID field of a TLOAD# entry or selected on the IC Subcase Information Entry. They can also be combined with other TEMP or TEMPD Bulk Data Entries on a TEMPADD Bulk Data Entry. For more information, refer to the TEMPERATURE Subcase Information Entry.
  2. From one to three grid point temperatures may be defined on a single entry. If the GSET continuation line is present, then the referenced SET can consist of any number of grid points.
  3. This card is represented as a temperature load in HyperMesh.