Manage E-Points

Use the Manage E-Points tool to modify local system collectors and evaluation points.

For some of the quick risk analysis in order to obtain quick analysis of an E-Line, you may require to modify or reduce the number of evaluation points on E-Lines. Also, there may be cases where you might have to modify the local system collector orientation. Use the Manage E-Points tool to delete connections and rotate Local Coordinate Systems (LCS).

Manage E-points consists of three workflows:
  • Delete connections in places where they are not needed to speed up simulation and post processing.
    Restriction: This workflow is not supported from 2022.1 onward.
  • Rotate LCS to ensure it is properly aligned with the actual Gap direction.
  • Relocate the RBE3 elements of the Realized E-line to a nearby element to ensure a proper definition of the E-point elements.
Note: All changes made using these tools will be lost if E-Line connector is re-realized.