Post Processing Options

Description of Post Processing options.

Model File
Select the OptiStruct solver file (.fem) exported from Export OptiStruct Solver File.
Pre-Output File
Select the pre output CSV file.
Learn more about Pre Output CSV.
Results File(s)
: Select and add a results file for post processing.
: Delete a results file from the session.
Subcase Selection
All subcases in the selected results file are listed in the table.
You can choose for which subcase the results post processing should be done.
Save Session File
Name the session file and select a destination folder.
All the relevant session files are written in the selected folder.
Post Processing
Analysis Type
Rattle & Squeak
Analyze all the lines in the model.
Analyze only the rattle lines.
Analyze only the squeak lines.
Lines to analyze
Select All or only the required E-Line to analyze.
% statistical evaluation
Specify the percentage of statistical evaluation based on the methodology implemented for studying the squeak and rattle analysis.
Value should be in the zero to 100 range.
If zero is provided, the values will not be sampled and a mean value will not be calculated. A global maximum will be taken into consideration in this case.
Session Type
Creates one session per subcase with only the overview pages for each of the squeak and rattle interface in the model.
Full Analysis
Creates one session per subcase, along with detailed plots for each of the interfaces present in the model.