Remap Nodes

Use the Edit Elements: Remap tool to remap a series of nodes to a selected line list

  1. From the Elements ribbon, click the Edit Elements > Remap tool.

    Figure 1.
    Elements are colored according to how well they adhere to the pre-set quality requirements defined in the criteria file.
  2. Select a list of nodes in a specific direction or by path.
  3. Click the Lines selector on the guide bar.
  4. Select a line or a list of lines by path following the same sequence used for nodes.
  5. Click Remap.

    Figure 2. Before Remap

    Figure 3. After Remap

    The figures above show selected nodes on a shared feature line and those nodes becoming evenly distributed across the surface edge after remapping.

    Note: To get proper mapping, you must select nodes and lines in the same sequence or path.