Replace Nodes

Use the Edit Elements: Replace tool to relocate and replace the positions of nodes.

  1. From the Elements ribbon, click the Edit Elements > Replace tool.

    Figure 1.
    Elements are colored according to how well they adhere to the pre-set quality requirements defined in the criteria file.
  2. Optional: Find all elements at or below a certain quality level.
    1. Click Find on the guide bar.
    2. Increase or decrease the number of layers around patches of failed elements by clicking or on the guide bar.
    3. Review the next or previous patch of failed elements by clicking or on the guide bar.
  3. Select a replacement method from the guide bar then select nodes/element edges. A preview of the collapsed edge is shown when you hover the mouse over the entity (FE Edges).
    Tip: You can toggle graphical previews from the options menu.
    Method Node Replacement Steps
    One to One
    1. Select a node to relocate and replace.
    2. Select a target node.

      The second node replaces the first.

    Note: You can also perform one to one replacement by selecting an element edge to collapse. Selecting an element edge automatically performs midpoint replacement.
    Multi to One
    1. Select multiple nodes.
    2. From the selected nodes, left-click on a single target node.

      All other nodes are relocated to and replaced by this node.

    Multi to Multi
    1. Select source nodes by path to relocate and replace.
    2. Select target nodes by path.
    3. Click Replace on the guide bar to replace all nodes at once.

      Figure 2.