Aided mesh: about


The aided mesh is a "group of tools" that permits the user to mesh a project globally while observing the geometric constraints ( taking into consideration curves, distorted faces ...).

These tools allow the user to control the mesh adjustments thanks to a global specific administration (parameters) of the different tools available in Flux: mesh point , mesh line , automatic mesh generator , mesh relaxation and mesh shadow .

Available parameters

The mesh adjustment parameters available with Aided mesh are :

  • Aided meshpoint : mesh point of the dynamic type
  • Aided meshline : mesh line of the deflection type
  • Aided meshgenerator : face automatic mesh generator of deflection type
  • Aided relaxline : relaxation tool on the lines
  • Aided relaxface : relaxation tool on the faces
  • Aided relaxvolume : relaxation tool on the volumes
  • Aided shadowface : shading tool on the faces

These parameters appear in the data tree and can be modified only in the Aided mesh.


The Aided mesh is activated by default in Flux. The meshing process with aided mesh comprises the two following phases:

  1. Mesh element generation
  2. Editing and modifying by default values and re-meshing up to the point that a satisfactory global result is obtained.

If necessary, the user can add a mesh override by means of a local adjustment (creation and assigning to entities). It is possible to un-assign all the data of local adjustment to return to an initial configuration (see Cleaning of mesh information ).


The parameters of the aided mesh are pre-adjusted by default. The by default options and values are adapted to most cases and facillitate a satisfactory global adjustment of the mesh.

Concurant to this, it is possible to modify the default options and values for each parameter.