Automatic mesh generator


An automatic mesh generator (AUTOMATIC) creates the following elements:

face elements volume elements
Triangle Tetrahedron


The automatic mesh generator is the Flux default mesh generator.

It is not necessary to assign the automatic mesh generator to faces / volumes. By default Flux uses the automatic mesh generator to generate the mesh on the parts of device to which no mesh generator is assigned.

3D specificity

The aided mesh generator,( AIDED MESHGENERATOR) with cutting by deviation, is created and assigned by default to the distorted faces within the framework of aided mesh (global adjustment).

It is also possible in 3D to create other automatic mesh generators by the deviation option (local adjustment).

Mesh adjustment

To adjust the size of the elements, two following modes can be used:

  • via the points, i.e. by using the mesh points
  • via the lines, i.e. by using the mesh lines

A mode of mesh adjustment via the points is recommended because isotropic (equivalent in all directions).