Mesh generator: about


A mesh generator (or algorithms for meshing) is a tool to perform the subdivision into meshes (or finite elements).

The mesh generator defines the shape of the meshes.

Mesh generators

The various mesh generators provided in Flux are presented in the two tables below and detailed in the specific headings.

Generic mesh generator Description



triangular elements on surfaces

tetrahedral elements in volumes



quadrangular elements on surfaces

hexahedral elements in volumes

no mesh


no mesh imposed

The generic mesh generators are the predefined ones available in the Flux project. It is not possible to rename, to modify or to delete them.

User mesh generator Description

This mesh generator makes a “copy” of the mesh from a source face on another face obtained by propagation

(The source face and the linked face have the same mesh)


This mesh generator generates a mesh “in layers” for a volume obtained by extrusion from a source face.

(Volume elements are prisms (or hexahedrons) if face elements of source face are triangles (or quadrangles))


This mesh generator allows to mesh the boundary of volumes in layers with extruded elements (prisms, hexahedra) and relax the mesh in the remaining volume.

(It is based on the initial surface mesh of the volume without modifying it)

automatic with deviation

This mesh generator permits the mesh adjustment of distorted face.

(The lines composing a distorted face are cut according to a deviation criterion.)

The user mesh generators are either created directly by the user or created automatically within geometry building (building options of construction by extrusion / propagation)

Aided mesh

In 3D, within the framework of the global adjustment via aided mesh:

a mesh generator AIDED_MESH GENERATOR of automatic type, with an option, that takes into consideration the deviation on distorted faces, is created and assigned to all free distorted faces.


The process includes two phases:

  • Creation of mesh generators
  • Assignment of mesh generators to faces / volumes