Subcase Information Entry The PRETENSION command can be used to select and activate a pretensioning bolt load.




Argument Options Description
option <PSID > Pretensioning load set identification of a PTADD Bulk Data Entry or, if a PTADD Bulk Data Entry does not exist with this PSID, the set identification of PTFORCE, PTFORC1, PTADJST and PTADJS1 Bulk Data Entry.


  1. Only one PRETENSION entry can be defined for each subcase.
  2. Combinations of PRETENSION and STATSUB(PRETENS) can be used to create more complex pretensioning sequences.
  3. The rules for sequencing pretensioning subcases on the same pretension section are as:
    • Pretensioning force (PTFORCE) can only be activated in the new or "fresh" pretensioning subcase for a given section. In other words, a subcase with PRETENSION pointing to PTFORCE cannot also include STATSUB(PRETENS) referencing a subcase that had already pretensioned this section.
    • Pretensioning adjustment (PTADJST) may be activated in any of the pretensioning subcases for a given section. The effect of adjustment is cumulative relative to the pretensioning status reached in the respective previous subcase, as referenced by STATSUB(PRETENS).