Bulk Data Entry Output fictitious grids representing auxiliary points generated for CWELD and fictitious hexa corner points generated for CSEAM into a file which can be directly imported into HyperMesh to visualize the connector elements.


Parameter Values Description

Default = NO

For clarity of visualization, this file also includes the eight-node CHEXA elements with corners at respective auxiliary points for CWELD or at respective fictitious hexa corner points for CSEAM.

For each CWELD element, this data will only be output in cases where no error is issued before the definition of auxiliary points. For the CSEAM element, this data will only be output if all seam elements are built successfully.

For CWELD, the root file name will be followed with .weldaux.fem.

For CSEAM, the root file name will be followed with .seamaux.fem.
The displacement/corner stress/grid point stress of the fictitious hexa element will also be output into an H3D file if requested.
NO or 0
No data for the fictitious hexa will be output.
YES or 1
The fictitious grids and hexas will be output (these are the final locations, including all the adjustments due to connector element radius or thickness).