Optimization Deck Setup

Figure 1. Non Systematic Optimization Setup
Figure 2. Non Systematic Optimization Setup Panel
  1. Select the loadcase from Loadcase Selection and required E-Line from Select E-Line lists.
  2. Choose the Optimization Direction.
  3. Click Load.
    This loads the model, post processing results, selected loadcase and E-Line into the session. HyperView window splits into four:
    • .H3D file of MTRAN analysis, showing selected interface and all 2D Parts.
    • Relative displacement graph for selected interface.
    • Relative Modal Contribution bar chart.
    • .H3D file of Modal Analysis.
  4. Enable the Auto Select checkbox.
    This automatically selects the E-Line interface components from the list. Thickness values are auto filled based on the components selected. You have the option to edit the values.
  5. Optional: Click Components to select components manually from the graphics area.
  6. Optional: Click Review Selection.
    The interface and components in the graphics area are isolated.
  7. Select the required frequency from the Frequency range selection table.
  8. Enable the Auto Fill checkbox.
    This auto fills the Min. (Hz) and Max. (Hz) value fields. If only one frequency is selected, Single Freq. (Hz) is auto filled.