2D curve: create


To exploit the results, the user can trace local or global quantities in function of a path or an I/O parameter.

Create a 2D curve

To create a 2D curve (path) / 2D curve (I/O parameter):

Step Action
1 Activate the command New (acc. to. following section)
A dialogue box New … is opened
2 Enter the name and the comment (optional) associated to the 2D curve

Select the quantity on the abscissa

  • for the 2D curve (path) : a path
  • for the 2D curve (I/O parameter) : an I/O parameter

Define the quantity on the ordinate:

physical quantities :

  • for the 2D curve (path) : one or more local quantities
  • for the 2D curve (I/O parameter): one or more I/O parameters
  • click on OK
  • The 2D curve is created and displayed on a new sheet; one or more elementary curves are calculated and displayed on the sheet of the 2D curve.
  • The 2D curve appears in the data tree.

Activate the command

To activate the command New, choose one of the methods in the following figure:

To directly open the dialogue box Create …:

  • Double click in the data tree on the type-entity.