2D Curve: editing / display of values

Access to the calculated values

The calculated values can be:

  • interactively visualized, point by point in the display zone (in cursor mode)
  • visualized as a table (list of values) in the tab Values in the manager zone

Displaying the values

To display the values in a point (in cursor mode):

  • move the pointer of the mouse on the desired graph and read directly the values displayed on the graph

Displaying the difference between 2 points

To display the difference between two points (in cursor mode):

Step Action
0 Activate the cursor mode
1 Point on the graph to define point 1
2 Click to set point 1
3 Move the cursor to the desired point 2 (bridge 2 mobile)
The dX and dY values appear along the axes

Display the calculated values list

To display the calculated values list:

  • in the administration zone, open the Values tab

The user can retrieve the table of values by clicking on the icon (copied in the temporary memory)

Note: The export of values can be carried out from the data tree:
  • select the desired 2D curve
  • activate the Export command ... from the contextual menu

Edit the particular quantities

The particular quantities (min. values, max. values, average values, ...) are not accessible in the environment of the 2D sheet.

This information is accessible from the data tree. See 2D Curve: editing (particular quantities)