Import CONCEPT Geometry File

With this option one may import CONCEPT39 geometry files

Figure 1. The IN - Include an external file (Concept geometry file) dialog.

Since CONCEPT uses two different files for wires and surface elements, the type of element selection is obligatory and determines the type of geometry file to be read. The only other parameters supported here are the file name and scale factor. (The CONCEPT file does not contain labels.) If the CONCEPT model contains quadrangles, they are divided into triangles.

Since wires don’t have a radius in the model files, the radius is specified with a preceding IP card. Likewise, the elements don’t have labels, and the label as specified at the last LA card before the IN card is used. If there is no LA card, the label defaults to zero.

As for the CAD models, dielectric triangles or metallic triangles which form the surface of a dielectric, are created by preceding the IN card with the appropriate ME card.

The CONCEPT files for wires are as follows
x_start y_start z_start x_end y_end z_end   [number_of_wires times]
where the first integer specifies the number of wires followed by the coordinates of the start and end point of each wire. The file is completely free format — the values are just separated by white space. The surface file is
number_of_nodes   number_of_patches
x y z                                       [number_of_nodes times]
p1 p2 p3 p4                                 [number_of_patches times]

again using free format. The values x, y and z specify the node coordinates and p1, p2, p3 and p4 specify the corner nodes of the triangles (in this case p4 is 0) and quadrangles.