Import NEC Model File

PREFEKO supports the import of wire geometry from NEC38 models.

Note: That NEC models usually consist of wire grid surfaces and it would be more efficient to convert the models to Feko surfaces, but this cannot be done automatically.

For this option only the file name, label selection and Include segments are supported.

The label selection uses the NEC tags which are converted to Feko labels. This applies to the tag when the element is defined. If the tag is modified after the inclusion (for example with the GM card) the elements with the modified tag are also included. The type selection parameter x is also supported, but it may only have the value 1 for wire segments.

The NEC import filter considers only the geometry cards CM, CE, GA, GW, GM, GR, GS, GX and GE. A warning is given if other cards are encountered. If the model contains multiple geometries only the first one is read.