poIPost GetResultLoadProgress

Gets the load progress as a percentage (from 0-100) for the given result.


post_handle GetResultLoadProgress id context


HyperView Tcl Query


This command, valid only in Upfront Data Loading Mode, returns the load progress as a percentage (from 0-100) for the given result definition ID. Returns a value (0-100) indicating the load progress, or -1 if an error has occurred.


The result definition ID.
A string indicating the context of the result to get the load progress for (scalar, tensor, vector, iso).


To get the current result progress of the scalar definition with ID 5:

hwi OpenStack
hwi GetSessionHandle sess
sess GetProjectHandle proj
proj GetPageHandle page [proj GetActivePage]
page GetWindowHandle win [page GetActiveWindow]
win GetClientHandle client
client GetResultLoadProgress 5 scalar
hwi CloseStack


Returns -1 if an error has occurred and sets error condition on the session handle. See session_handle GetError.

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