poIPost GetResultOverlayErrorList

Gets the error list for Result overlay (multi-model plot).


poIPost_handle GetResultOverlayErrorList control


HyperView Tcl Query


This command returns an error list for result overlay or multi-model plot for a given control type. If there is any mismatch in result settings (like data type, layer, components, systems, etc.) across the models participating in plot, this command will return the error list.


A valid "control" can be: contour, vector, tensor, or is.


To get the error list for models in result overlay or multi-model plot:
hwi OpenStack
hwi GetSessionHandle session_handle
session_handle GetProjectHandle project_handle
project_handle GetPageHandle page_handle [project_handle GetActivePage]
page_handle GetWindowHandle window_handle [page_handle GetActiveWindow]
window_handle GetClientHandle client_handle
set model_file1 "" # set the path
set model_file2 "" # set the path
set mid1 [client_handle AddModel $model_file1]
set mid2 [client_handle AddModel $model_file2]
client_handle AddModelToResultOverlay $mid1
client_handle AddModelToResultOverlay $mid2
client_handle RemoveModelFromResultOverlay $mid1
# Add the results and create the contour/vector/tensor/iso for one of the model
set errors [client_handle GetResultOverlayErrorList]
hwi CloseStack


Returns an error list for multi-model plot.