poIResultCtrl CreateLayerFilter

Creates a layer filter.


poIResultCtrl_handle CreateLayerFilter subcase_id data_type_name layer_filter_id


HyperView Tcl Modify


This command creates a layer filter for a given subcase and data type (with a given filter ID). If a filter ID is not provided, the filter will be created starting from 1. A filter will not be created if the given data type does not have more than one layer. Also, a filter will not be created if another filter already exist with same ID. The layer filter will automatically be created and is given the default name LayerFilter "n” (with "n" being the next number in the series). By default all the layers of the data type will be stored in the layer filter.


The ID of the subcase for which the layer filter has to be created.
The data type name from which the filter has to be created.
The ID of the layer filter to be created.


To create a layer filter with an ID of "2" for subcase 1, with a data type of “Composite Stress” (for a result file containing the following data type list: {“Displacement” “Strain” “Composite Stress”}):
hwi OpenStack
hwi GetSessionHandle session_handle
session_handle GetProjectHandle project_handle
project_handle GetPageHandle page_handle [project_handle GetActivePage]
page_handle GetWindowHandle window_handle [page_handle GetActiveWindow]
window_handle GetClientHandle client_handle
client_handle GetModelHandle model_handle [client_handle GetActiveModel]
model_handle GetResultCtrlHandle result_handle
result_handle CreateLayerFilter 1 "Composite Stress" 2
hwi CloseStack


Returns an error if the result controller handle is invalid, or returns a zero if a layer filter could not be created.