poIResultCtrl PlotResult

Plots the specified result definition.


poIResultCtrl_handle PlotResult id context notify


HyperView Tcl Modify


This command, valid only in Upfront Data Loading Mode, plots the specified result definition. Returns Success (0) if plotting is successful or Warning (2) if there was a problem during plotting.


The ID of the result definition to plot.
A string indicating the context of the request. Valid values are: scalar, tensor, vector, and iso.
Set to 'true' to trigger an event to update the browser, otherwise 'false'. The default value is true.


To plot scalar result definition with ID 3:

hwi OpenStack
hwi GetSessionHandle sess
sess GetProjectHandle proj
proj GetPageHandle page [proj GetActivePage]
page GetWindowHandle win [page GetActiveWindow]
win GetClientHandle client
client GetModelHandle model [client GetActiveModel]
model GetResultCtrlHandle rc
rc PlotResult 3 scalar true
hwi CloseStack


Returns error code if there was an error in plotting the result and sets error condition on the session handle. See session_handle GetError.

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